Eileen’s Outlook: Mentor and Mentee – Lifelong Learning and Development

The mentor role is a complex one and requires the building of a strong relationship between mentor and mentee. Mentors encourage and support the professional development of the mentee, while providing a source of knowledge and guidance. The guidance mentors provide tends to focus on the mentor’s existing area of expertise and experience.  

The LLC Academy, a 73.57% Black Owned Level 2 Designated Group Supplier, dedicated to the growth and development of our students, offers a Mentorship Programme that equips prospective mentors with the skills needed to be an effective mentor. We provide a practical process-based approach to learning, that maps out the full mentorship journey, from onset to closing. 

The mentor/mentee relationship benefits are not one-sided. The mentorship process empowers both mentor and mentee. The mentee learns from the mentor who is a sounding board and a one-on-one support for skills development. Mentors can also help mentees build a network of corporate relationships which often yield opportunities for mentee career advancement. 

The mentoring process helps mentors to improve their own interpersonal skills such as rapport building, active listening, effective communication and heightened empathy. Mentors may even improve their existing knowledge in the process – after all, what better way to ensure you know your discipline than to teach it to someone else! 

Mentors use their expertise and knowledge to strengthen the expertise and knowledge of those around them. This in turn means that your business becomes equipped with a workforce of knowledgeable experts, so that information and knowledge does not get lost or exist in silos. 

If you wish to develop mentors and create a culture of lifelong learning and development within your business, speak to our experts at The LLC Academy 

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