Is B-BBEE Actually Transformative?

Since 1994, South Africa has faced the daunting – but not impossible – task of making this country freer and fairer for everyone. Since 2003, we have had Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) legislation that sought to further the purpose of a fairer South Africa. And since 2013, we have widened the framework of B-BBEE legislation to include a broader base, in an attempt to impact a far larger number of people who had previously been excluded from participation in the mainstream economy.

Following the reveal of state capture, and the fact that Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) had been branded by high profile people such as Lord Peter Hain as a “looting mechanism”[1], many South Africans have been left reeling. The question on many people’s minds is, simply – is B-BBEE working to address the wrongs of South Africa’s past? Is B-BBEE actually transformative?

The LLC Academy, a 51% black owned, Level 2, Designated Group Supplier that builds effective strategies for maximum B-BBEE benefit, believes that it definitely can be transformative. “There are a number of negative connotations for B-BBEE in South Africa, unfortunately,” says Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy. “When done wrongly, B-BBEE is not transformative. But – if you implement it correctly and with good intent – B-BBEE is not only a tool for the upliftment of South Africa’s previously disadvantaged,” says Thornhill:

“B-BBEE has the potential to uplift the entirety of South Africa.”

The LLC Academy’s strategic approach to the implementation of B-BBEE is focused on benefitting stakeholders across the process – and on all levels. “It’s not enough to empower the youth through education if that upskilling does not lead to employment,” says Thornhill. “And while CSI is a worthwhile endeavour for any company, it’s not what we do at The LLC Academy.”

By providing programmes across all levels, from grassroots to C-Suite, The LLC Academy is focused on actual, transformative B-BBEE implementation. “We see B-BBEE as an investment – in the future of South Africa, yes, definitely – but, also, it’s an immediate investment in the future of your business,” says Thornhill. “Who doesn’t want employees who are highly skilled, highly motivated, and as committed to the growth and development of your company as you are?”

The LLC Academy’s bespoke programmes are not only excellent educational opportunities for your staff that are aimed at developing real leadership and skills development across all stakeholder levels. They contribute towards your company’s B-BBEE spend – money you would have been spending anyway, and that can now go back into your business through your investment in your employees.

“The best outcome – in business, and in life – is when everybody wins,” says Thornhill. “With The LLC Academy’s approach, your employees win: they are upskilled and developed, making them more educated and employable. You win: you have staff who are imbued with the knowledge and skills necessary to make your business a growth powerhouse – and you have used your B-BBEE funds as an investment back into your company. And South Africa wins: more educated, employable people counteract the skills shortage, contribute to the overall economy and, ultimately, make South Africa a better place for everyone,” says Thornhill.

“B-BBEE can be transformative,” says Thornhill. “After all, at The LLC Academy, I get to see it transform people’s lives and businesses every day.”

If you want B-BBEE to be transformative for you and your business, contact The LLC Academy today. We have a range of programmes and opportunities designed to transforming you, your business, and South Africa.


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