Vision Led and Values Driven Leadership Programme

Learn to see every part of your business through the lens of your values and your purpose. It is about creating congruence between purpose, values as well as profit and ultimately shaping a culture that is conducive to success. During this in-depth learning journey, we explore and equip leaders with ways to embody agile leadership, lifting our relevance levels and ultimately becoming future fit.

The programme explores how you can become more anchored in Servant leadership with a strong emphasis on ethics and integrity. This is about using rank and power consciously, in a way that empowers the organisation and drives the culture you want to achieve. Explore the levels of connection and experience with the aim of creating a work environment in which employees at all levels of your organization feel respected, appreciated and valued.

The programme has a focus on crafting stronger work cultures with high employee morale and engagement.

Course Duration

6-12 Months

Min Class Size

4 – Face-to-face

Delivery Methods

Face-to-Face Delivery via Zoom, MS Teams or In Person


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