Leader as Coach Programme 

The role of the leader in today’s world of work is becoming more of that of a coach. Companies are training their leaders as coaches because coaching skills are integral to the fabric of a learning culture. A leader as coach supports employees and enables them to unlock their potential to lift levels of performance and personal growth. Workplace coaching reduces the impact of increasing pressures and growing uncertainty. Business leaders need to support a company’s greatest asset, its people.

While a focus on bottom-line targets and results is critical, we know that results are best achieved through developing our people. Learn how to unleash the performance potential of others and build on their talents so that they can take the company forward into the future. Learn how to engage in formal coaching conversations and use coaching skills in spontaneous, everyday coaching conversations.

Explore your role as a team coach, learn how to identify and address the potential factors that may prevent the team from raising their performance to levels of excellence.

Course Duration

7-12 Months

Min Class Size

5 – Blended Delivery

Delivery Methods

Blended Delivery

eLearning Modules

Completed in own time


Summative assigments emailed to coach


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