We (Pty) Ltd. Programme

This programme is about bringing your whole self, with total awareness, to your leadership position. It requires authenticity to be who you really are. Leaders of today need to deeply understand how they show up in the world and appreciate the impact they have on others.

When we learn the techniques of inclusive leadership, we become better at decision-making, leveraging off a diverse talent pool and motivating and driving teams toward individual and shared success. During this programme, you learn about the need to effectively leverage your teams’ diverse ideas, experiences, thoughts and perspectives to the benefit of the company. Businesses that employ inclusive leaders are often more likely to attract and retain highly qualified talent, develop creative solutions and find ways to appeal to and benefit diverse customer markets.

By deepening our ability to anchor ourselves in a place of conscious leadership, we will learn how to become radically responsible, self-aware, and skilled at building a culture of “we” rather than a culture of “me.” The ability of a leader to overcome adversity is a good predictor of leadership success. This leadership journey equips the leader with critical skills to deal with the curve balls, to handle people and challenges – making us more resilient and future fit.

Learn to provide feedback in a way that leaves employees feeling motivated, thus enabling growth and forward trajectory. It is a masterful set of skills that will lift your leadership bar in order to create a solid sense of WE (Pty) Ltd.

Course Duration

12 Months

Min Class Size

6 – Blended Delivery

Delivery Methods

Blended Delivery

eLearning Modules

Completed in own time


Summative assigments emailed to coach


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