Results based Teaming Programme

Explore how you can become more effective in the team that you work, the teams that you work with and any other teams to which you may belong. Learn to apply the principles for building trust, effective team communication and mastering conflict, in order to create and maintain a highly effective team. Deepen your ability to understand your own role and responsibilities and the inter-connectedness between your contribution and the rest of the team/s.

Learn the skills and core principles to achieve commitment and accountability required to create and maintain a highly effective team. Develop an action plan for yourself and your team to improve and achieve sustainable team effectiveness and performance. Ultimately, the programme equips you with the skill set to move from a place of comfort, a place of average to a place of growth and excellence within the context of a team.

Course Duration

8-12 Months

Min Class Size

7 – Face to Face

Delivery Methods

Face to Face via Zoom/MS Teams


Summative assigments emailed to coach


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