Mentorship and Coaching: What is It, Why is It Necessary and How to Do It Right

In some ways, it can feel like the world is changing at a rate far too fast for us to adapt. As managers and leaders, the challenges of today’s world include a remote workforce that is increasingly expecting a flexible schedule more geared towards their personal needs, as well as a working environment that is ever changing and requiring an entirely new skillset. Old school management styles of ‘do what I tell you when I tell you and how I tell you’ are no longer applicable – if we’re honest, they have not been applicable in a very long time.  

Effective leadership results in an engaged workforce – one that is working towards a common goal and enjoying the process along the way. This results in a better place to work and a business that is thriving instead of surviving. So, how can we change our leadership style to one that is inclusive, adaptive, cohesive, and results in improved performance across the board? 

“Top down, hierarchical management is not always the answer,” says Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy, a 73.57% Black Owned Level 2 Designated Group Supplier that is accredited and approved by the Services SETA, COMENSA and QCTO. “At The LLC Academy, we’ve found that the best way to develop the skills necessary for today’s fast-paced work environment requires an approach that is more focused on coaching and mentorship.” 

But what do we mean by coaching and mentorship?  

“Coaching requires what can initially seem to be a more ‘hands off’ approach to leadership,” says Thornhill. “It involves leading and directing your team members towards a goal, providing them with the room to think independently, empowering them to develop the confidence required to problem solve for themselves.”  

“For example, two of The LLC Academy programmes, Leader as Coach and Mentorship, are focus on developing the leaders of tomorrow,” says Thornhill. “A coaching style of leadership equips leaders in your business with the skills they need to support your employees, enabling them to unlock their potential to lift levels of performance and personal growth.  The focus is on developing your employees more holistically.” 

“Our responsibility as coaches and mentors is not to remove all barriers to success on behalf of our employees, smoothing their way and making things easier for them,” says Thornhill. “Rather, it’s about equipping them with the ability to do that for themselves on an ongoing basis. We do this by ensuring that they have the right tools, skills and resources to meet their goals.” 

Business leaders need to support a company’s greatest asset, its people. The benefits of a workforce that is equipped to solve their own problems are tenfold. If you see the long term value in equipping your leaders with the skills necessary to be effective coaches and mentors, contact the experts at The LLC Academy today to begin your coaching and mentorship journey. 

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