Programme Spotlight: Emerging Leaders

South Africa needs people who can lead at every level of society. We need lawmakers who can lead. We need CEOs who can lead. We need community members, teachers, business people and entrepreneurs to lead the people of South Africa into a brighter future. 

South Africa needs leaders. But where can we expect to get these leaders from if we do not become a part of the solution, if we do not focus on developing and growing the leaders of tomorrow – even the leaders of today – right now? 

Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy, a 73.57% Black Owned Level 2 Designated Group Supplier that is Services SETA, QCTO and COMENSA accredited, feels deeply that it is the responsibility of all South Africans to develop themselves – and those around them – into the kind of people capable of taking the reins. 

“While some may find it easier to fit into leadership roles than others, leadership – and the skills that make for effective leadership – can be taught,” says Thornhill. “Take, for example, our Emerging Leaders Programme: this programme focuses on developing the skill set that will enable future leaders to transition from managing themselves to managing others. It provides key competencies and frameworks to create that solid leadership and management foundation.” 

“For too long, we’ve fallen back on the myth that leaders are born, not made,” says Thornhill. “At The LLC Academy, we believe that anyone, given sufficient opportunity and support, can become the kind of leader that every South African can depend upon and look to for guidance. We need leaders who see the bigger picture, who are capable of the forward thinking that will take us into a more prosperous future for all of us.” 

“But we also need leaders who are capable of being collaborative, who influence as opposed to drive, who are confident and courageous enough to have those conversations that can be hard, who are unafraid of conflict, but rather see its potential benefits,” says Thornhill. “We take delight in helping our students to craft their personal leadership persona, in watching them learn how to drive performance and productivity by adapting their management and leadership style according to the situation and the needs of those they lead.” 

“Our focus, is, of course, on teaching emerging leaders those critical skills required to assert oneself as a leader, to influence and lead with confidence in the workplace,” says Thornhill. “But this is a stepping stone towards influencing and changing the South African outcome for the better. It’s all a part of what The LLC Academy and our partner, Lanham love Consulting, call The South African Project.” 

“By developing our students, our teachers, our business people, entrepreneurs and CEOs into mindful, effective and confident leaders in the respective microcosms of our schools, our businesses and our communities, the potential knock on effect is unlimited,” says Thornhill. “Which is why we consider this South African Project, this development of our current and future leaders to be so utterly vital.” 

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