Programme Spotlight: Teaching the Teachers – Education from the Grassroots Up

The most recent unemployment statistics for South Africa do not paint a pretty picture. With over 33.9% of South Africans unemployed as of Q2 2022, and 61.4% of that being people under the age of 35, it’s small wonder that this is impacting our economy so heavily. 

One of the major reasons given for the high levels of unemployment in South Africa is, quite simply, a lack of marketable skills in our population. Due to poor schooling and a lack of access to education, many of the youth of South Africa find themselves facing significant barriers to entry when it comes to entering the labour market. 

The LLC Academy, a Services SETA, COMENSA and QCTO accredited and 73.57% Black Owned Level 2 Designated Group Supplier, has recognised this issue and is involved in a number of projects that seek to ameliorate this particular challenge. One such programme is Teach A Teacher 

“At The LLC Academy, we are focused on the growth and development of people and the social upliftment of young members of our society,” says Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy. “One of the ways in which we seek to assist those who are locked out of the workforce by their lack of access to funding to further their education or becoming employable is through our programmes specifically focused on upskilling those who are unemployed.” 

“The Teach-a-Teacher Programme is one of these programmes, and it is one of which we are exceptionally proud,” says Thornhill. “This programme addresses the critical shortage of qualified teachers in South Africa by paying for student teachers to complete accredited teaching qualifications.” 

“This solution for unemployed learners primarily focuses on creating Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Junior Primary teachers to service underdeveloped communities,” says Thornhill. “We assist those with a passion for teaching, and equip them with the skills required to uplift and educate the youth of South Africa. Student teachers are hosted in schools as assistant teachers, where they gain practical experience while they study.” 

“The end goal is long term employment of our student teachers, who will, in turn, educate and uplift the children they teach,” says Thornhill. “It’s just one of the many ways in which The LLC Academy is showing our commitment to The South African Project of making this beautiful country a better place for every one of its citizens to enjoy, and contributing to a better life for all.” 

If you and your business are committed to The South African Project as much as The LLC Academy is, why not speak to a member of our enthusiastic team today? Providing the funding for projects such as the Teach-a-Teacher programme maximises your B-BBEE scorecard through your investment in Skills Development. Speak to one of our experts about getting involved.

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