Programme Spotlight: Vision Led and Values Driven Leadership 

The LLC Academy, which specialises in programmes designed to equip and uplift employees and those previously disadvantaged, offers a range of programmes that focus on leadership at different levels. One such course is the Vision-Led and Values Driven Leadership Programme. 

“Our Vision-Led and Values Driven Leadership Programme explores how you can become more anchored in Servant Leadership, with a strong emphasis on ethics and integrity,” says Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy. “Servant Leadership is a leadership style that creates a work environment where all team members at all levels feel respected, appreciated, and valued. in turn, this creates a stronger work culture, with higher levels of employee morale and engagement.” 

The Vision Led and Values Driven Leadership Programme helps leaders see every part of your business through the lens of their own values and your purpose and those of the organisation. “It is about creating congruence between purpose and values – as well as profit,” says Thornhill. “Ultimately, it is about shaping a culture that is conducive to success.” 

Rapid, constant, and disruptive change has become the norm in today’s world. “Approaches and ideas that succeeded in the past are no longer a guide to what will succeed in the future,” says Thornhill. “This is why the Vision-Led and Values Driven Leadership Programme is an in-depth learning journey that is dedicated to the exploration necessary to equip leaders with agility and future fitness.” 

“A large part of that future fitness is recognising that, with the current focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and discovering a more sustainable way forward, businesses need to be able to cater to customers that are more socially conscious than ever before,” says Thornhill. “This increased concentration on social awareness, on ethics and integrity, means that, in addition to customer expectations, potential and existing employees are also considering what it is your business stands for.”   

“Vision Led and Values Driven Leadership is about using rank and power consciously, in a way that empowers your organisation,” says Thornhill. “It is about driving the workplace culture you want to achieve: one that is focused on uplifting employee engagement and morale, one that seeks to align your business’s purpose with its values. This, in its turn, serves to increase the satisfaction of your clients, as they are serviced by people who believe in what they are doing.” 

If you are interested in integrating Vision-led values driven leadership into your workplace, and see the value in developing leaders who are focused on making your entire team feel respected, appreciated, and valued, to the benefit of overall morale, contact our programme managers at The LLC Academy. The Vision-Led and Values Driven Leadership Programme is one of many programmes specifically curated for the development of better leaders. 

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