Programme Spotlight: YOUᵀᴴ Programme

June is the month in which we celebrate the Youth of South Africa, in recognition of the sacrifices they made to bring democracy to this country. That said, when you consider the fact that our unemployment statistics consistently show that our youth are being left behind in our economy, is this recognition merely cursory? 

“At The LLC Academy, we are dedicated to the social upliftment of young members of our society, especially those who are locked out of the workforce by their lack of access to the funding that will help them to further their education,” says Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy. “We make a concerted effort to educate, nurture and inspire our candidates to believe in themselves and become suitable for employment opportunities that were previously out of their reach, though programmes and initiatives such as our YOUᵀᴴ Programme.” 

The LLC Academy’s YOUᵀᴴ Programme addresses the problem of youth unemployment by connecting unemployed graduates and school leavers to businesses and corporations eager to provide them with the relevant work experience and training. “Our YOUᵀᴴ Programme delegates acquire skills that equip them for the current and future world of work,” says Thornhill. “Running a graduate programme can be costly, and many companies don’t have capacity to implement an effective graduate programme without dedicated staff to manage the roll out. YOUᵀᴴ is a sustainable solution for all companies.” 

So, what does the YOUᵀᴴ Programme actually entail? 

“The LLC Academy recruits unemployed people who are enrolled in a one-year programme,” says Thornhill.  “Our YOUᵀᴴ Programme delegates access NQF level training which helps them to transition into the world of work. They are placed in host companies where they have the unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience in various departments. The LLC Academy supplements this work experience by providing the coaching necessary to develop them holistically.” 

“In terms of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, this is a win-win scenario for all involved,” says Thornhill. “Our delegates receive the training and support necessary for their growth and development, as well as direct, hands on experience within companies who will benefit from their newly acquired expertise. The companies involved can in turn benefit from the Skills Development, Procurement, Socio-Economic Development, and Enterprise Supplier Development aspects of the B-BBEE Scorecard. In addition, The LLC Academy prepares the documentation necessary for verification.” 

“The LLC Academy’s YOUᵀᴴ Programme is a stellar example of our commitment to the ethos of a hand up, not a hand out,” says Thornhill. “It also serves as an example of our deep-seated belief that B-BBEE, when implemented correctly, has a direct benefit for everyone involved. If you are interested in how the YOUᵀᴴ Programme can benefit you and your business, please contact us, and be a part of bringing the youth of South Africa into the economy, for now, and for the future.” 

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