Student Spotlight: Martha Mofokeng

The LLC Academy, a 73.57% Black Owned Level 2 Designated Group Supplier that is Services SETA, QCTO and COMENSA accredited, often hears back from students who have achieved great things through their studies. One such student is Martha Mofokeng, who has taken what she learned through The LLC Academy and has put it to good use by opening her own Early Childhood Development Centre, The Lesedi La Bokamoso Learning Centre in Orange Farm.  

“My favourite part of working in Early Childhood Development is seeing those little guys developing through the different stages of education, especially their holistic development,” says Mofokeng. “I see them showing empathy to other students and understanding their emotions. I am so pleased that I get to see this every day – and it wouldn’t be possible if The LLC Academy had not helped me to achieve my Level 4 Qualification. If it wasn’t for them helping me, it’s possible that this would have remained a wish only. Now, instead, it’s a dream come true!” 

Mofokeng says that Early Childhood Development is no easy task, but that it is a challenge that she looks forward to every day. “The LLC Academy has helped me to be the best among other principals,” says Mofokeng. “What I’ve learned has helped me to deal with challenges such as figuring out funding for my school, and how to deal with the needs of different people.” 

Mofokeng would especially like for people to understand just how important Early Childhood Development is. “This is where the foundation for the rest of your life is built. At X, we focus on teaching responsibility, self-love, caring for others and building your own self esteem. I love children – I would love for every child to have the opportunity to attend ECD learning, to avoid future problems such as bullying and anger problems.” 

So, what are Mofokeng’s future plans for her ECD Centre? 

“I want to have a bigger space for more children, hire qualified practitioners, and have a subsidy for nutrition and computer classes,” says Mofokeng. “If I am able to get more sponsors, I will be able to include a food programme that gives the children food to take home for dinner with their siblings – right now, for some of our students, the lunch that they receive at the centre is their last meal of the day.” 

Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy, is thrilled with Mofokeng’s success. “I was delighted to hear from Martha, and to hear about everything she is doing at The Lesedi La Bokamoso Learning Centre,” says Thornhill. “Our Teach-A-Teacher programme, which pays for student teachers to complete accredited teaching qualifications and seeks to address the critical shortage of teachers, primarily focuses on developing Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Junior Primary teachers to service underdeveloped communities. That one of our learners has opened her own school is exactly the kind of success that we hope our support can help our learners to achieve.” 

The Teach -A-Teacher programme is just one of the range of programmes and courses The LLC Academy offers to develop and support unemployed learners who have the passion and drive they need to succeed, but just need a little extra help to get there. If you are interested in supporting these programmes, which also fulfil the Skills Development, Supplier Development, Socio-Economic Development and Enterprise Development of your B-BBEE Scorecard, please feel free to contact us! 

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