The Importance of a Blended Delivery Methodology

Following the isolation requirements of COVID-19, South Africans quickly adapted to a hybrid working style – and found the benefits almost immediately. Alternating between working from home and coming into the office is the benefit of both worlds –  you have access to your teammates on a regular basis, but can still benefit from the lack of distraction and a much shorter commute. 

But what of about a hybrid learning style? Can alternating between an online platform and studying within a classroom environment be as effective as using one model or the other? 

“Not all people learn in the same way,” says Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy, a Services SETA, QCTO, COMENSA accredited, 73.57% Black Owned, Level 2 Designated Group Supplier. “This is part of the reason why The LLC Academy’s hybrid learning model caters to a blended delivery style. Our learning model incorporates facilitated classroom sessions (online and in-person), coaching sessions (online and in-person), and a world-class interactive eLearning portal.” 

“For some of our learners, taking time away from their current employment is simply not feasible,” says Thornhill. “This is where our online learning options can be a real life saver, in that students can study remotely and save commuting time – as long as they have internet access. This is also particularly helpful for learners enrolled in our Teach-A-Teacher or Support-A-School Programmes, where the host schools can be rather far away from our Johannesburg Campus.” 

“For our online students, The LLC Academy has designed and developed an eLearning portal that offers learner interaction, real time coach feedback, assessments, tracking and client reporting,” says Thornhill. “But there are also students who see the most benefit from an in-person, facilitated classroom environment, which is why we have developed and designed our courses and programmes to cater to both sides of the spectrum – and everything in between, as well!” 

“At The LLC Academy, we are committed to holistic personal development,” says Thornhill. “This means that we focus on developing personal, emotional and interpersonal skills, as well as business and professional skills. By offering our courses and programmes through a blended delivery methodology, we seek to offer a learning platform that meets the needs of our students across South Africa, as well as further preparing them for a world of work that is changing on a daily basis.” 

The LLC Academy offers a wide array of programmes with blended delivery styles.  We accommodate all learning requirements, including data free platforms accessible via desktop, laptop, tablets or  smart phone,  and shorter micropods of learning to allow those who are not able to dedicate extended periods of time, to still have the full learning experience. 

We seek to grow and develop South Africans from all walks of life, and are committed to providing the best possible access to continuing education and growth. If you are interested in sponsoring a future teacher, upskilling your existing workforce, or developing your leaders – all while improving your B-BBEE scorecard – speak to our experts: we are here to help! 

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