Teach-a-Teacher (TAT) Programme

  • A solution for unemployed learners.
  • Addresses the critical shortage of qualified teachers by paying for student teachers to complete accredited teaching qualifications.
  • Our primary focus is on creating Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Junior Primary teachers to service underdeveloped communities.
  • We assist those with a passion for teaching and equip them with the skills required to uplift and educate the youth of South Africa.
  • Student teachers are hosted in schools as assistant teachers, where they gain practical experience while they study.
  • The end goal is long term employment of our student teachers who will in turn educate and uplift the children they teach.

Course Duration

  • 1 year for able bodied student teachers.
  • 2 years for disabled student teachers.





Work Experience

  • Host schools and mentor teachers
    identified for each student
  • Full year of classroom based experience
  •  Free resource for Host Schools
  • Additional support for learner at host school

Stipend and Support

Students are paid a monthly stipend to cover the following necessities

  • Basic Needs
  • Travel and Data
  • Stationery and Books

Life Coaching

Students attend life coaching sessions with certified coaches

  • Develop soft skills crucial to success in workplace
  • Build self esteem and self belief
  • Benefit from Group coaching for shared
    workplace challenges
  • Network and Build Team Connection

Accredited Training

Qualifications are part time distance learning through vetted, accredited partnersStudents enrolled on following qualifications:

  • ECD Certificate (NQF Level 4, 5 or 6)
  • Grade R Diploma
  • B-Ed in Foundation, Intermediate or
    Senior/FET Phase

Earning and Coaching Support while Learning

  • Host schools incur no additional costs as student teachers are fully sponsored (tuition, life coaching, monthly stipend, travel and stationery).
  • Student teachers receive coaching and mentoring while they are on the programme.

Updates and Reports

  • Designated Project Manager
  • Regular check-ins on Student Progress
  • Quarterly feedback reports to clients
  • Marketing material for Social Media, Websites and Internal Communication readily available
  • All documentation prepared for verification



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