YOUᵀᴴ Programme

YOUᵀᴴ addresses the unemployment problem by connecting unemployed graduates and school leavers to Corporates who will provide them with the relevant work experience and training. YOUᵀᴴ delegates acquire skills that equip them for the current and future world of work. Running a graduate programme can be costly, and many companies don’t have capacity to implement an effective graduate programme without dedicated staff to manage the roll out. YOUᵀᴴ is a sustainable solution for all companies.

How it works

  • The LLC Academy recruits unemployed people who are enrolled on a one-year programme.
  • YOUᵀᴴ access NQF level training through accredited training providers who provide part time, distance learning programmes in various fields of study.
  • The learners are placed in host companies where they gain experience in various departments.
  • The LLC Academy provides coaching and support to learners to develop them holistically.

Skills Development

  • Skills Spend (6% target)
  • Unemployed/Employed Internship Headcount
  • Salary Costs for employed delegates contribute to skills spend targets while they are on the programme
  • Absorption
  • Documentation is prepared for verification

Procurement Benefits

  • Spend with The LLC Academy is recognised at 135% and counts 4 times on your procurement scorecard
  • The LLC Academy is a 51% Black Owned EME as well as an Empowering Supplier and Designated Group

Socio Economic Development

  • SED Funds are used to recruit and sponsor unemployed youth on our programmes
  • Delegate details and progress reports are provided
  • Documentation is prepared for verification

Enterprise Supplier Development

  • The LLC Academy is a valid ED/SD beneficiary
  • Funds received are used to achieve scale and grow our nation-wide footprint
  • Documentation is prepared for verification

Earning and Coaching Support while Learning

  • YOUᵀᴴ students gain practical work experience from a host company
  • YOUᵀᴴ students receive a monthly stipend for the duration of the programme.
  • Coaching and mentoring support is by qualified coaches.


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