What Makes a Great Leader

The LLC Academy, a 73.57% Black Owned Level 2 Designated Group Supplier, offers a wide variety of courses designed to encourage and develop leaders in the organisations and businesses of South Africa. Considering their position as a trailblazer in the field of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, and in educating and empowering those previously disadvantaged to leadership roles within the organisations that they serve, it’s small wonder that they have wrestled with the question of what makes a great leader extensively. 

“At The LLC Academy, we believe that leaders can be made,” says Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy. “We have broken down the process of becoming a great leader into three distinct, but interactive steps. No person is ever ‘complete’, but a desire to learn and grow throughout one’s lifetime is certainly one of the aspects of a great leader.” 

“Firstly, we offer programmes that will help one to become a Leader of Self,” says Thornhill. “These programmes are specifically designed to help grow and develop the self-confidence, adaptability, and openness to change that is required into today’s rapidly changing world. If one is to become a great leader, one first needs to be able to lead oneself, to take charge of your own life, and be empowered to make those adjustments of world view and personal values necessary in order to be able to lead others.” 

“Then we progress to our programmes that focus on becoming a Leaders of Others,” says Thornhill. “These programmes are intended to educate one in the perspectives and approaches necessary to inspire, engage with and, ultimately, lead team members, fellow employees, and the organisation to greater heights. There is an emphasis on interpersonal skills, specifically those necessary to develop and empower others.” 

“Finally, The LLC Academy offers Leader of Leaders programmes, says Thornhill. “Each and every one of our programmes is focused on personal growth and empowerment, but our Leader of Leaders programmes are specifically focused on the strategic and visionary thinking necessary to transform, organisations and, ultimately, the country, into the economic powerhouse we all know that it can be. This is empowerment at a higher level, empowerment that recognises that development is an ongoing journey that will continue as long as there is life, and things to be achieved.” 

“At The LLC Academy, we seek to help make not just any kind of leaders, but great leaders,” says Thornhill. “We believe that there is always more to learn, and room for growth. We take immense pride in developing the future – and current – leaders of corporate South Africa.” 

For leadership skills development, programmes that add value and to invest in the future of your business – and South Africa as a whole – speak to the experts at The LLC Academy. We are focused on the growth and development of your people and the social upliftment of all members of our society. 

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