L.E.A.D. Programme (Leadership Exploration And Development)

Effective leadership is key for companies to meet the challenges faced in today’s world of work. Leaders need to maximise their own potential and the potential of others. They must be able to collaborate, communicate and inspire their teams. Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is key to high performance at all levels, particularly for outstanding leadership. It is the capacity to recognise our own feelings and those of others, to manage emotions effectively in ourselves and to manage our relationships.

There is a growing call for leaders to learn superior communication skills. Leaders need to have meaningful performance conversations that inspire people to recognise their abilities and strive to meet higher self-expectations. Effective leaders help their teams to accomplish more than just meeting minimum requirements.

As you navigate through this leadership development programme, you will explore ways of motivating and inspiring people to give more of their discretionary effort. You will learn how to plan and delegate with impact and hold people to account in order to achieve good results. You will learn how to lead people to new heights and manage the transitional journey of both you and your team.

Course Duration

7-12 Months

Min Class Size

5 – Blended Delivery

Delivery Methods

Blended Delivery

eLearning Modules

Completed in own time


Summative assigments emailed to coach


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