Emerging Leaders Programme

Future leaders require a skill set that will enable them to transition from managing self to managing others. This programme provides the key competencies and frameworks to create that solid leadership and management foundation. Leaders play an important role in influencing the behaviour of individuals in the workplace and it is the responsibility of the leader to set a direction for team members. Good leaders always try to get good results through their followers.

Assertive leaders influence and lead with confidence. Develop the critical skills required to assert yourself as a leader, to have courageous conversations and to deal with conflict more effectively.

Craft your personal leadership persona and learn how to drive performance and productivity by adapting your management and leadership style according to the situation and the needs of each person you lead (Situational Leadership). Learn how to use performance-based coaching to provide effective guidance, build morale and unlock the performance potential in your people.

Course Duration

12 Months

Min Class Size

7 – Blended Delivery

Delivery Methods

Blended Delivery

eLearning Modules

Completed in own time


Assigments emailed to coach or completed on online portal


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