Support-a-School (SAS) Programme

  • A solution for unemployed learners.
  • Low administrative capacity in disadvantaged schools impacts the general performance of the schools and places strain on teachers, who are required to perform the administrative role in addition to teaching their classes.
  • The programme equips learners with an NQF Qualification (e.g. Business Administration or End User Computing).
  • Learners are placed in administration departments in schools to gain practical work experience while they study.
  • The schools receive much needed additional support at no additional cost to them.
  • The end goal is the long-term employment of learners.

Course Duration

  • 1 year






Work Experience

  • Host schools and mentors allocatedper student
  • Full year of admin work experience
  • Free resource to assist Host Schools
  • Additional support for teachers and management at host school

Stipend and Support

Students are paid a monthly stipend to cover the following necessities

  • Basic Needs
  • Travel and Data
  • Stationery and Books

Life Coaching

Students attend life coaching sessions with accredited life coaches to:

  • Develop soft skills crucial to success in workplace
  • Build self esteem and self belief
  • Benefit from Group coaching for shared workplace challenges
  • Network and Build Team Connection

Accredited Training

Students enrolled on following qualifications

  • Business Admin NQF 3,4 or 5
  • End User Computing NQF 3, 4 or 5
  • Generic Management
  • Microsoft Certifications

Qualifications are part time distance learning through vetted, accredited partners

Earning and Coaching Support while Learning

  • Host schools incur no additional costs as student teachers are fully sponsored (tuition, life coaching, monthly stipend, travel and stationery).

Updates and Reports

  • Designated Project Manager
  • Regular check-ins on Student Progress
  • Quarterly feedback reports to clients
  • Marketing material for Social Media, Websites and Internal Communication readily available
  • All documentation prepared for verification



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