Business Nuts and Bolts Programme

Learn the practical fundamentals required to operate effectively in the world of work. During this foundation programme, you will begin with exploring how you show up, making a powerful footprint in the minds of others and building a positive legacy. It starts with the need to manage ourselves. Before we can manage others, we need to learn how to manage ourselves. It starts with ME. You will learn about the importance of business etiquette – of handling yourself with confidence and in a professional way within a corporate environment. This includes mastering the critical skill and techniques of virtual etiquette.

During this programme, you will explore the world of corporate written communication, where you will learn practical skills related to email and other business communication mediums. Onboard techniques on how to manage your activities within a structured set time, become more effective and in-control of your workspace and of how you present yourself in your workspace.

Learn how to build a network, craft a powerful professional image and create a confident presence in any business. You will also explore the world of personal financial fitness which is critical in today’s economically pressurised world.

Course Duration

7-12 Months

Min Class Size

6 – Face to Face

Delivery Methods

Face to Face via Zoom/MS Teams


Summative assigments emailed to coach


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