Developing and Growing Leaders

Developing and growing the future leaders of South Africa is imperative if we are to take our place on the global stage. But where do we start? 

“Have you ever heard of The Matthew Effect?” asks Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy. “An example can be seen in psychological investigations into why it is that children with a more natural talent for reading tend to become even better readers over time than those who initially struggle with the task,” says Thornhill. “As they start needing to read for comprehension in other subjects, the gap between those with a good start and those who initially struggled just gets wider and wider.” 

It is gaps such as these that projects such as The LLC Academy’s Teach-a-Teacher Programme are seeking to ameliorate. 

“Early childhood development is a crucial place in which we can invest time, effort, and resources if we are to bridge the educational gap in South Africa,” says Thornhill. “Teach-a-Teacher is primarily focused on creating Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Junior Primary teachers to service underdeveloped communities. Here, we seek to address the critical shortage of qualified teachers at this level of education by paying for student teachers to complete accredited teaching qualifications.” 

“This particular programme is just one of the ways in which The LLC Academy is looking at the upliftment of South Africa as a whole,” says Thornhill. “Our Teach-a-Teacher Learners are provided with work experience, which should translate into future opportunities for paid employment. They are given a stipend that covers their living experiences at the cost of the programme, which means that the schools in which they are working are not burdened by employing them. Businesses who wish to be a part of the Teach-a-Teacher programme benefit from increased points on their B-BBEE Scorecard, as the programme meets the Skills Development, Socio-Economic Development, Supplier Development, and Enterprise Development aspects of the Scorecard.”  

“And, of course, the children at the schools benefit from having an increased number of teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that they are not left behind by the education system,” says Thornhill. 

“We are particularly proud of this project, and with good reason,” says Thornhill. “We often hear back from our learners about their progress once they have graduated, with some even creating their own Early Childhood Development schools. The Teach-a-Teacher programme is an excellent example of how much we can achieve when we take a holistic approach to developing and growing the future leaders of South Africa.” 

The LLCA Academy is committed to developing and growing leaders at every echelon of business and education, and from all walks of life. Whether you are interested in our leadership programmes directed at growing and developing your employees, or want to get involved with our unemployed learner programmes dedicated to uplifting and upskilling future leaders of South Africa, speak to one of our expert consultants today. 

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