Conscious Leadership: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

In the current socio-economic climate, both globally and at home, leadership means everything. As the challenges we face continue to make the world more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous than ever before, people are more desperate than they have ever been for reassurance and answers – and are often looking to leaders to provide them.

But what of the current dearth of leadership? What of the fact that it can seem like there are simply not enough people with leadership skills to go around?

“Unfortunately, there seems to be a perception that leaders are born, not made,” says Lindy McClymont, Head of Faculty at The LLC Academy. “I cannot, however, help but think of the wonderful quote from Vince Lombardi, who is recognised as one of the greatest coaches and leaders in the history of American sport: ‘Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else—through hard work.’”

“Making leaders is just one of the things that we are determined to do at The LLC Academy,” says McClymont. “We are particularly focused on helping our learners to become Conscious Leaders – Leaders who are equipped to think deliberately and purposefully about not just what they hope to achieve themselves, but about how they can encourage and develop those around them to do the same. Leaders who are able to anchor consciously into their space, offering a structured approach to the way they interact and connect with those that they lead.”

“The benefits of an approach to leadership that is considered, deliberate, and thoughtful are manifold,” says McClymont. “It entails keeping your finger on the pulse of your team, ensuring that you are really, deeply present in each and every moment, considering each and every aspect that could have an influence on potential outcomes. For example, a Conscious Leadership approach to managing a team would require a leader to understand where each and every team member is in terms of personal motivation, engagement with other team members and the task at hand, and in the confidence to perform and achieve to the best of their ability.”

“Does this sound like a lot of work to you?” asks McClymont. “It should! Conscious Leadership requires the ability to respond to challenges rather than merely react to them, which is no easy feat. Part of the reason for the current dearth of leadership on a global scale is because people see the benefits of being a leader – and not the incredible skillset and amount of dedication and hard work it requires to be a good one. That said, with the right mentorship, commitment, development, and drive, myself and my colleagues at The LLC Academy firmly believe that anyone can be an exceptional leader – of themselves, as well as of others.”

Conscious Leadership is increasingly imperative in a world that will only continue to become more nuanced, demanding, and faster-paced. If you want to develop your team and yourself into Conscious Leaders, speak to the consultants at The LLC Academy today. We understand that building homegrown talent requires that you strengthen your talent pipeline for today – and develop your talent pipeline for tomorrow.

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