Context Matters: What Makes Us Different

There can be no argument: ensuring that your skills and talents – and the skills and talents of your employees – are cutting edge and valuable can only serve to guarantee that you and your business will be on to a truly winning ticket when it comes to providing the services you offer in 2024.

That said, finding the right service provider when it comes to furthering your education and that of your employees in the business sphere can be a little tricky. And, when it comes to making sure that you are also achieving what you need to in terms of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment points for the Skills Development element of the B-BBEE scorecard, things can become even more complicated.

So – how can you ensure that you are making the right decision when it comes to deciding on a service provider for your skills development needs?

“At The LLC Academy, we do not only focus on upskilling yourself and your employees for the world of work, but on whole people development,” says Lindy McClymont, Head of Faculty at The LLC Academy. “This means that we are dedicated to the holistic development of our learners’ personal, emotional, and interpersonal skills, as well as their business and professional skills. The intersection of the Self, Others and Business learning streams enables whole person growth and development.”

“This stems from our absolute passion for personal development,” says McClymont. “Myself and my colleagues at The LLC Academy are driven to do what we do by the recognition that South Africa’s long term success is utterly dependent on the success of her people. This is not only highlighted in the coursework that we offer through our curated programme offering, but also by the means by which we educate.”

“Our approach is a hybrid one,” says McClymont. “Our customisable learning platform includes coaching contact sessions, and there is a dedicated coach on offer for our students, depending on the programme. This human-to-human contact remains a vital part of education – all to often, learners can feel isolated with online learning programmes, however convenient they may be. By dedicating time to one-on-one consultations, we can ameliorate this demotivating aspect of online learning.”

“Mostly, however, a key differentiator for The LLC Academy’s approach lies in how we integrate what your business does into how you and your employees can use our platforms to develop their skills and round out their education,” says McClymont. “By weaving through your strategic intent into the programme material, we can drive your agenda throughout the learning process. Content, we find, needs context in order for the learnings to truly stick and be effective. It helps us to help our learners become the next best version of themselves.”

“Finally, The LLC Academy recognises that no one is ever a ‘finished product’,” says McClymont. “A dedication to continual learning means that we are focused on broadening our learners’ horizons, so that their context continues to widen.”

The LLC Academy is passionate about helping our learners to become the next best version of themselves. Speak to our consultants today to see how you can upskill yourself – and your workforce – while achieving maximum benefit for your B-BBEE spend.

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