Eileen’s Outlook: The Importance of Learning the Business Nuts & Bolts

At The LLC Academy, we are passionate about the growth and development of people. We love nothing more than educating, nurturing, and inspiring our candidates to believe in themselves, encouraging them to become suitable for employment opportunities that were previously out of their reach. Through our collective, extensive experience with the creation of very many leadership development programmes, my colleagues and I have recognised the need for a programme that will allow for our candidates to learn the practical fundamentals required to operate effectively in the world of work. 

Thus, our Business Nuts and Bolts Programme was born. 

Part of our Leaders of Self echelon of programmes, Business Nuts and Bolts recognises that, before we can manage others, we need to learn how to manage ourselves. Throughout the course of this programme, our learners discover the importance of business etiquette – of handling themselves confidently and professionally within a corporate environment. This includes mastering the critical skill and techniques of virtual etiquette: an ever-present requirement in today’s digitally driven world. 

During this programme, they explore the world of corporate written communication, learning practical skills related to email and other business communication mediums. Our learners master techniques on how to manage their activities within a structured set time, and become more effective, efficient, and in-control of their workspace. In addition, we focus on how to present oneself in the professional environment. 

The Business Nuts and Bolts Programme covers how to build a network, craft a powerful professional image, and create a confident presence in any business. We also take our candidates through world of personal financial fitness, which is critical in today’s economically pressurised world. 

There is a certain principle that my colleagues and I carry through our interactions with our learners, and that is the commitment to meet people where they are at in terms of their personal development. Very often, you do not know what it is you do not know, and The LLC Academy recognises how vital it is to equip those entering the workforce with the skills and techniques necessary to be professional, successful, and effective in whichever role they fulfil, regardless of where they have come from. 

When one has been in a professional environment for a certain period of time, it can be easy to forget just how much we did not know when we started. Everyone has to start somewhere, and programmes such as Business Nuts and Bolts can be especially helpful to learners wishing to make a powerful footprint in the minds of others, to build a positive legacy, and start out on the right foot. 

The LLC Academy specialises in designing people development strategies that align to both your business strategy and people development requirements. We focus on the growth and development of your people, and the social upliftment of young members of our society, helping them to become more employable. Speak to our consultants today about programmes that can be tailored to your specific business needs. 

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