Project Management for Empowerment: A Day in the Life of a LLCA Project Manager

Learn. Believe. Succeed. This is the mantra of The LLC Academy. But how do we practically implement this mantra on a day to day basis? We sat down with one of our Project Managers to gain insight into their daily activities. 

“The work we do at The LLC Academy is incredibly purpose-driven and focuses on building the future leaders of South Africa,” says Sarah Vyvyan-Day, one of our Project Managers responsible for managing the programmes that The LLC Academy has on offer. “We directly impact the previously disadvantaged through programmes focused on developing leadership skills and other soft skills, which are imperative to succeeding in an ever-changing VUCA world.” 

Vyvyan-Day, who holds a bachelor’s degree in law and psychology as well as an LLB, has always had a keen interest in human rights and social policy. “Being a project manager requires keen attention to detail, people skills and good time management, which are all skills I developed in my studies and time working in a law firm,” says Vyvyan-Day. “Studying and being in the field of law teaches you to be flexible and adaptable, which are also important qualities in this role.” 

So, what exactly does being a Project Manager at The LLC Academy entail? 

“My day is definitely not the same every day,” says Vyvyan-Day. “We are constantly starting new programmes while also managing the programmes that are already running. We collect documents, liaise with trainers, organise coaching and eLearning, track the progress of the learners and update our clients on this progress. We try to be as hands-on as possible and flexible to the needs of our clients. This includes setting up our eLearning portals for those who need mixed medium learning; ensuring learners get onto their Zoom coaching sessions and organizing in-person coaching sessions depending on which medium best suits the delegates and our clients.” 

Vyvyan-Day’s passion for what she does stems from the difference that The LLC Academy’s programmes make in the lives of our students. “The best part of my day is going onto the Zoom coaching sessions and seeing how excited and interactive the delegates are with their coaches,” says Vyvyan-Day. “Due to the often-personal nature of the sessions, the project managers do not stay on the sessions for long, but I love to see the buy-in from the delegates and hear from the coaches after the sessions how passionate the delegates often are. It is also incredibly special to get feedback from delegates expressing how much our programmes have impacted their lives.” 

“This is why the most challenging aspect of my work is when delegates don’t turn up to their coaching sessions, or aren’t doing their eLearning modules,” says Vyvyan-Day. “At The LLC Academy, we believe in giving a hand-up instead of hand-out, and it can be disappointing when, due to the ‘busy-ness’ of life in general delegates fail to dedicate themselves to the programmes as they aren’t able to fully benefit from the experience.” 

That said, it is obvious that the high points of what Vyvyan-Day does far outweigh the low. “The difference we make is palpable, and the feedback we receive from our delegates makes it clear that our programmes help people gain skills that affect their lives both professionally and personally,” she says. “Knowing that I had a part in making sure these delegates had access to our programmes makes my job incredibly fulfilling.” 

The LLC Academy offers a selection of programmes geared to the holistic development of our students. Please contact us should you wish to know more. 

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