Using The LLC Academy to Tailor Your Best Fit Solution

Education can often be a little ‘one-size-fits-all’. While this does make a certain amount of sense – after all, you want to ensure that your auditors know how to audit, and your salespeople know how to sell – it does not always allow for things like corporate culture and values to be taken into account.

“This is not to say that learning interventions cannot become more catered to the needs of the student,” says Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy. “At The LLC Academy, we recognise that the world has become a place in which rapid change has become the norm, and we must therefore become more agile ourselves in order to thrive in this environment.”

The LLC Academy approaches this need for agility in a number of ways. “For one, we offer a hybrid learning model that caters to a blended delivery style,” says Thornhill. “This includes facilitated classroom sessions, virtual coaching sessions, and a world class interactive eLearning portal, to cater for our more far-flung students.”

But The LLC Academy’s commitment to an agile, tailored approach by no means stops there.

“Learning – true learning – needs to start with where you currently are, in your context,” says Thornhill. “A learning approach that is experiential, fun and practical, can be applied to the person’s context in real time.”

“At The LLC Academy, we customise the delivery of our programmes to fit the precise needs of your business and your learners, including additional modules of learning as required,” says Thornhill. “Our coaches are skilled at reading their audience and they are flexible in the way they deliver the learning, catering to the specific requirements and context of each audience.”

“Ultimately, The LLC Academy recognises that whole person development is the holistic development of personal, emotional and interpersonal skills, as well as business and professional skills,” says Thornhill. “In order to enable whole person growth and development, we have to meet our candidates where they are, which is why we offer a more flexible approach to lifelong learning.”

Want to develop yourself or your team into true leaders at every echelon of your business? Speak to our consultants to learn more about the range of programmes The LLC Academy has on offer, and how they can be tailored to suit your precise business needs.

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