Student Spotlight: Refiloe Karabo Mollo

South Africa suffers from a dearth of skilled labour and has one of the highest levels of unemployment in the world. The LLC Academy offers a range of programmes that equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to secure long-term employment.

“One such programme is our Support-A-School programme, which takes a holistic approach to answering the question of education in South Africa,” says Eileen Thornhill, Director of The LLC Academy. “Disadvantaged schools often have low administrative capacity. This could place strain on teachers, who may be required to perform administrative duties and teach their classes. The LLC Academy seeks to ameliorate this issue by placing unemployed learners in administration departments in schools, so that they can gain practical work experience while they study.”

Refiloe Karabo Mollo is just one of the many students who stand to benefit from the Support-A-School programme. A young, passionate, and very enthusiastic person, Mollo grew up in Naledi, Soweto, in a big, religious family that offered a great deal of love and respect. “I lived with my siblings, cousins and grandparents, all in one household – this has taught me to make the most of every opportunity I am given,” he says.

“I learned about the Support-A-School programme from one of my older cousins, who informed me that this was a great opportunity for me to further my studies and gain valuable skills,” says Mollo. “I wanted to join because I was still looking for an opportunity to learn after finishing my matric studies, and I did not have enough funds to pay for tertiary studies in university. I wanted to grab this opportunity as it would allow me to further my education.”

Mollo is particularly interested in concepts like the 5th Industrial Revolution, which focuses on the cooperative collaboration between humans and machines, as well as the concept of VUCA – “it has helped me to understand how to navigate the world we live in that requires constant problem solving,” says Mollo. When asked what advice he would give any young person in the same situation as him, Mollo said, “they should take any opportunity given to them with both hands.”

“The LLC Academy is committed to the social upliftment of young members of our society, like Refiloe Karabo Mollo, who are locked out of the workforce by their lack of access to funding to further their education or becoming employable,” says Thornhill. “By educating and nurturing our candidates, we inspire them to believe in themselves and become suitable for employment opportunities that were previously out of their reach.”

Are you looking for a holistic approach to B-BBEE investment, one that makes real impact in the lives of previously disadvantaged South Africans? Programmes like The LLC Academy’s Support-A-School programme are a great place to start! Speak to our consultants today if you would like to know more.

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